I propose a new rule:

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Re: I propose a new rule:


Berating your own team, that's not strategy. That's a dick move™.
A new billboard for Minus?
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Re: I propose a new rule:

Post by Provert »

If you continue to believe that spamming the core when it's not available, or even going to be available soon, is trategy in a 17 yr old game with few players, then be prepared to play on your own. It clears the server. Who wants to play a game where you can't even leave your own core? The Xexx move is going to the first enemy node and killing the linkers, not spamming the core. He does do that, but usually as the primaries are being built by his team. Still a dick move, but understandable.

I remember players like Pam, Roger, etc were banned for spamming the core, now we call it strategy. Piss poor players like Roger, Cletus, etc continually do it because it's all they can do. Some drive straight to the emeny core at the beginning of a round and start damaging vehicles. I watched Cletus/Kamel last night hitting the enemy core when the enemy still had their primary nodes and his team hadn't built the ones attached to the primary nodes yet. Yes, you can spawn at the primary, but they do not have a lot of vehicles to fight back with, so the team is going to lose, especially on maps were the vehicles at the primary nodes are shit. Not fun and empties the server for the next map.

Have I done it? Yes. But, in retaliation because a player or players have continually done it to ours, and only until I die and then don't do it again. Termy has begun doing it with that spanker badger, annoying as fuck.
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Re: I propose a new rule:

Post by pooty »

Its generally pretty hard to spam the core where you can't get out except in a few instances...Mega Arena being one, MassD or minus randomizers where you might get two mino type tanks. If we set aside the randomziers, and the spammer vehicles (mino, ions, dragons?, spank badgers, ppc, levis) are in pretty short supply.. wasting your power vehicle by spamming the core hurts your team. That being said, makes me want to re-edit the two Minus maps and remove the above list from the random vehicles (no classic mino, no ions, no ppc (which I hate on Minus anyway), no MAS. However, that's half the fun of the randomizer, and despite my disdain for MegaArena people vote for it all the time....

But on most other maps, its pretty hard to spam the core(s). In fact, trying to think of map besides Minus where that really happens frequently?
(I don't count if you can roll a MAS across DJY/AJY ...)

Repeated core spamming is a kickable offense. I think in recent memory we've kicked a few or at least bitch slapped them out of the vehicle. Sabotaging the enemy mino (even empty and in core) was allowed. And if a round is lopsided and a team is sandbagging just to have fun spamming the core, if I am on, I'll force a new map. I haven't done it yet, but I've warned I'll do it a couple of times.

Rule generally is feel free to take a few potshots at the enemy core, and spam away if you're working on a primary -- you're trying to win and get core hits..... If the primaries are out of reach/locked and you're just sitting in a mino, then prepare to get a dose of "act right".

Of course, the other solution is not to have spammy OP vehicles. The Omnitaur vs. Classic Mino is perfect example. Its much harder to spam core, locked nodes with the Classic Mino since it doesn't have a giant splash radius like the Omnitaur (the Omni Minotaur). Tanks like Ion, especially Ion badger are pretty bad too on certain maps... Most MAS have the limitation that they are slow and big.

That being said, that thread is different from here, where basically SolidState just berates and insults any player he doesn't deem worthy....
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Re: I propose a new rule:

Post by captainsnarf »

Going to the other team's core in the beginning and just killing vehicles or spawn killing is pretty lame. I've only placed a few kick votes on the server and one was for someone (I'll let you guess) doing just that.

I'm more talking about when you have the entire map except their primaries and it's a stalemate for 20 minutes. You can't get the primaries because they are too close and only a mino blast away, yet they can't get them because you have the whole map and all the good vehicles. It's a long drawn out stalemate. I think hitting their locked core while you are getting the primary up so you can hit the core is OK. Otherwise nothing moves on. I wouldn't think you were a douche for doing that.
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