Minimizing crashes and x86 vs. x64

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Re: Minimizing crashes and x86 vs. x64

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ds8k wrote: Mon May 01, 2023 3:04 pm It's like people on forums never grew up. Enjoy your 17 year old machine. I'm sure it runs great.
Thanks! It does.

I also like the wheel and that new thing called "fire".
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Re: Minimizing crashes and x86 vs. x64

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windows - ads in the start menu. Are you sure you don't want edge and bing? Are you really, really sure? our telemetry says you aren't sure so here eat some bing
This ^^ Annoying AF.

Two most stable OS I've ever used Solaris and CTOS. Solaris should have been what Linux is except for an admitted mistake by Sun (Scott McNealy) to not prioritize Solaris x/86. CTOS, was pretty cool, plug and play hardware, built in Networking in the early/mid 90s. (Before the internet, before Netware).

Use a mac for work, but I don't have to Develop on it. Only non-cloud dev I do now is UT lol. With my trusty UltraEdit "IDE" ad UCC.
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