Mirage Panzer Tank ...updated to 3.0

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Mirage Panzer Tank ...updated to 3.0

Post by pooty »

So I took the Mirage Panzer Tank II and updated it. It does depend on MirageTankII.u, and there were a few other goodies in there-- variants below that needed finished so I did.

1. Increased damage to main gun. 300 to 375 (Goliath is 300) and good damage radius 750 as it has cool explosion effect. Fairly fast shell.
2. Increased tank speed, its slightly faster than hurricane and just bit slower than badger.
3. Health same at 800hp
4. Fixed Turret (for some reason the original author put code in the DamType so that the turrets all did 0.3 damage to vehicles.. meaning that kick ass turret you just used on the node/infantry is now damn wimpy against vehicles -- didn't much like that so I removed it.

There are now three variants all use the same main cannon gun above, but have different turrets -- they all have same skins/textures. I thought about changing them, but tank isn't much different from each other than turret..but if anyone wants to create/modify them the textures are in MirageTankII.utx, plus my graphic editing skills suck.

Main Panzer - Turret fires fast projectiles...these are minigun like, but not hitscan, meaning you have to lead them. Does slightly more damage as badger mini gun, fairly easy to hit big slow movers, harder to hit fliers. No Zoom Alt fire is an Avril like exposive homing missle. Does Avril like damage.

Plasma Panzer - Turret fires fast plasma bolts, these are fairly quick, not hit scan so they are projectiles and must hit. Like the main varaint above, but slow rate of fire (1/4) and slightly more than 5x damage per hit. No Zoom - This variant would be quite damaging to slow movers and nodes. Alt fire is same Avril homing missle.

Minigun Panzer - Zoomable minigun slighlty more powerful than a badger's. Alt fire is just zoom.

Haven't put these on any maps yet, but I will as time goes on.. I'll probably start with Nevermore-YEAHH since it has the older II version at nodes 1/2. Be a good add since those missles would be good against predator and link flyer.

This is a fast mobile tank, not that tough but with a gunner would be pretty effective as the turrets are pretty high on the damage scale combined with a pretty decent main gun. A fully manned Panzer with a main cannon hit (375) plus 1 sec turret would do anywhere from 575-700 pts damage.. Not quite as good as hurricane but still pretty decent.
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